Walking Droid | Chris Mather

About the Blog and Me

My name is Chris. Originally from Melbourne, I now reside in Bendigo, Victoria. I work in technology, supply/procurement, and volunteering projects during the day. My passion lies with new emerging technology, and I’m privileged to work with some of the leading companies throughout the world.

Never intended to be a public forum, this blog’s original purpose was to collect information from my various hobbies: hiking, drone setups, photography, and technology hacks. This blog is my personal storage area and “think tank”, somewhere I can look back on and reflect on my hobbies when I’m old and senile.

I was at first using Evernote One Note to collect all of my data from hiking, mountain biking, GPS waypoints, drone modifications, and all sorts of other information.  While Evernote One Note is a great piece of software, my family, friends, and other people told me that that they wanted to know more about some of my adventures, hobbies, and technology.

I belong to hundreds of forums, social media sites, and online communities. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the comments, responses, and interactions. Thus, I decided to make this blog public. As some of you might know, this task is quite daunting, but with any luck, this little bit of information might help. I’m still active on all the forums, but you might find me linking back to this blog for further information, pictures, and videos or for a quick shameless plug.

This blog is now followed by over 5000 online users. Thats arouns 10,000 views per month. Thanks for all the support, reads, questions and comments.


I plan to write about interest and activities in these areas:

  • Hiking in Victoria, including gear and trip Information
  • Drone setups and photography
  • Drone business and setups
  • Mountain biking trips
  • GoPro, OSMO cameras and accessories
  • Various photography and video compilations
  • Internet > Web Development to Google Android Apps
  • Reviews from suppliers and purchases
  • My favourite software and hardware I use on a regular basis

Since this is a brand new blog, I intend to make regular posts in the coming weeks. You will find in the links section my official site, which hosts photos, GPS data, videos, and more. If you require help or further information, please don’t hesitate in contacting me.