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Living in a digital world can sometimes bring new problems. Digital content such as a photo can take up a lot of hard drive storage space. With so many HD photos taken with the GoPro, Drone and Mobile Phone, storage becomes a real issue.

Typically with digital media, I will use around 1TB that’s 1000GB of digital media every few months. That’s shooting video at 4K, 1080 @ 60 fps and 10MP – 16MP RAW images using the Canon 550D or GoPro.

I have two solutions to this problem. (1). Buy overpriced multiple external hard drives and (2). Store the information in the cloud. For the purpose of this blog, some of the HD Photos I’ve taken can now be viewed and downloaded from Flickr, Google+ Photos and other cloud storage sites. You can also embed them into your own blog or link directly to them as the images are all shared publicly.

Please note: All images are FREE. If you wish to use any of these photos, please get permission first by emailing or contacting me or via Social Media sites. Lots of time and investment is spent taking these photos and permission is required to reproduce the images for private or commercial use.

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