Roost Laptop Stand Kickstarter Project

Roost Laptop Stand | Kickstarter Purchase

I got the Roost laptop stand a few days ago. I found this new laptop stand idea on Kickstarter and decided to fund the project late in 2015. The project was created by James Olander and was funded by over 8000 backers and $780K in funding. After spending hours a day working hunched over my laptop left me tired and sore every afternoon. Looking for a cheaper option than a new monitor or ergonomic desk I decided to back this project and gave the Roost laptop stand a try. I’ve been using it for the past few days and I couldn’t be happier.

Roost Laptop Stand a Kickstarter Purchase

I first heard about the Roost from Kickstarter, a crowd funding website. I was pleased to find the Roost fits almost any laptop and it is perfect for my Asus Laptop. (X451CA-VX034H) The stand is adjustable and so easy to set up all I needed to do was unfold it, fit my laptop into the grips at the front and I was ready to go in seconds.

The Roost stand is light weight and folds up to such a small size that I can take it with me between work and home without adding extra weight to my bag at the end of the day. It even has a great carry case which fits the stand, keyboard and all cords keeping everything you need together and neatly organised when on the go. When I need to use it, it just snaps out to full size and is sturdy enough to hold even my heavy laptop and its stable enough to stay standing when I bump it or even push it aside to make space on my desk. Note* the bag is optional and can be purchased from the Roost website. I currently use my existing laptop bag as the stand is so small it fits without any issue.

Roost Laptop Stand V2.0

The versatile stand gives me the flexibility to work anywhere with my laptop and still be comfortable and maintain good posture. Its light weight and stability means I can take it with me everywhere from work, to home, to coffee shops. I can even use my laptop sitting on my couch or bed and it is still in the perfect position. The adjustable height gives me the perfect position on any height table, even standing up.

I am always on the lookout on Kickstarter when shopping for new products for innovative ideas. The Roost fits the bill on design and quality engineering. With top of the line materials, each one being hand built and the design custom engineered it has meant a high quality product with an innovative modern design which excels when compared to alternatives on the market.

The Roost laptop stand claims to end painful “laptop posture” and I can see after using it for a few days how this stand helps with your back, posture and RSI injuries. Since starting to work with the Roost stand my back, neck and arm tiredness at the end of the day is gone leaving me feeling fresh and full of energy at the end of the day. Something so simple can help with correcting your bad habits and in the long run increase your productivity. I no longer have to hunch down over my screen or adjust my chair height if I sit at a different table, it’s as easy as adjusting my laptop stand and I’m in the perfect position every time.

I initially purchased 2 X Roost laptop stands, however after trialling it out in the office and at home, I’ll be placing a few more orders to get the entire office equipped with the stands. The laptop stand comes with a lifetime warranty and 90 day money back guarantee. While the company fills all the orders, I believe you can pre-order on their website.