Tesla Delivery Day Australia Experience

Tesla Delivery Day Experience – Mulgrave Australia

My Tesla delivery day experience – It was finally time for me to receive my Tesla Model 3 Long Range. The day had come after almost a 3-month wait and I was ready to embrace every aspect of my Tesla delivery day, from picking up the car to driving it. Check out the video below on YouTube as I reflect on the pre-purchase of the Tesla, the Tesla delivery day experience and my thoughts on the Model 3 Long Range.

Tesla Delivery Day Experience Australia

Pre-Purchase Rating and Review

As I mentioned in the video above, I had a lot of issues with the pre-purchase. I was trading in my Subaru Impreza and the entire process was frustrating. In Australia to get finance you need a tax invoice. After going back and forth the final invoice was only provided 4 days before the Tesla delivery day. There were numerous errors, incorrect totals and a total lack of communication between the new sales team at Tesla and the used car team at Tesla. Eventually, the correct invoice was provided and put pressure on myself to get loan agreements, insurance and financing approved in a short time frame. A few hours before delivery day, the used car team wanted more information even though funds had been transferred and delivery day was scheduled. This entire process took away some of the enjoyment of the delivery day.

Tesla Delivery Day Experience

On my delivery day, everything went incredibly smoothly. I found it extremely easy to pick up the car without any hassle. It was a stark contrast to the difficulties I faced during the pre-purchase phase. The process of getting my hands on the Tesla was surprisingly simple and convenient, which made the whole experience even more enjoyable. The staff were knowledgeable, and friendly and helped to bind the keys to the app. Overall this was a 10/10 experience and loved how simple it was to pick up the car and drive from the Mulgrave delivery centre.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Review

When it comes to the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, I must say it’s nothing like any other car I’ve driven. It’s easy to drive, packed with safety features, and perfect for families. As I mentioned in the video, Tesla shouldn’t be called a car company, Tesla is a software company. the car is basically software on wheels. The technology is nothing like any other car and feels like you’re driving something from the future.

Overall, I’m really happy with the car, how it drives, the charging capabilities, security features and a host of software and menu options.

Tesla Delivery Day Australia Experience Model 3
Tesla Delivery Day Australia Experience Model 3

Closing Notes: Reflecting on my Tesla delivery day journey, it was a blend of challenges and wonderful experiences. From overcoming pre-purchase issues to enjoying the exceptional features of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range.

I’ve created a Tesla delivery day checklist if anyone is interested in downloading it for free. It will be available in the next few weeks here on this website. You can use it to tick off on delivery day.

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