Whiskey Creek Circuit

Whiskey Creek Circuit Lerderderg State Park

Springtime, beautiful weather – Let’s go hiking! I’ve had this hike on my list for some time now. The Whiskey Creek Circuit walk within Lerderderg State Park was to be a challenging hike with steep terrain, river and creek crossing.

Initially, we were going to this walk over two days and camp at the camping site from my previous hike – Lerderderg East Walk. Check out Lerderderg State Park | East Walk Cowan Track Circuit Hike. But as usual with work commitments I couldn’t find the time and the walk ended up being a day hike.

From Melbourne, the drive is around 1 hour, from Bendigo 1 ½ hour drive. Head down Mt Blackwood Road and park the car in the cutoff. Google GPS for Car Park. This location also looks like a great camping spot or picnic/stopover area with a small dam nearby.

There was not much information online regarding this hike, so we decided to walk the track anti-clockwise, as it looks the best in terms of elevation and terrain.

We started the day walk will full day packs – 3 Litres of water, plenty of food and the usual gear I carry for a day walk. We took the first turn shortly after the dam into the Razorback Track.

Whiskey Creek Circuit Lerderderg State Park

The path we chose was: Razorback Track > Razorback Track North > (Heading to Whiskey Gully) > Crossed the river > Spanish Onion Track > Heading to Cowans Track (East Walk Track) > Kenworthy Track > Square Bottle Track.

Check out the GPS Data: Download Hike.

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Whiskey Creek Circuit – Trip Notes

    • It’s a challenging hike, Grade 4. You need to be physically fit
    • Wear gaiters – plenty of snakes in the area
    • Heading to Cowans Track, there is a steep rock scrambling section
    • Carry plenty of water. If not plenty of locations to filter water
    • Some beautiful locations off the track near the river and ridge to East Walk
    • Kenworthy Track is steep – Keep a look out for wild goats
    • Getting out of Whisky Gully is challenging on the knees. A lot of downhill followed by steep inclines
    • We were able to cross the rivers and creeks due to a very dry 2018 winter/spring. However if it rained or the river was flowing, then this could be a challenge to find a crossing.
    • Whiskey Creek looks like it floods easily, so take care when raining or after a downpour
    • Plenty of wildlife in the area – including goats

Whiskey Creek Circuit Lerderderg State Park

Overall I really enjoyed walking the Whiskey Creek Circuit. Check out the video and feel free to share the information. I may have struggled a little bit, however, the Lerderderg State Park is a beautiful location for day and overnight hikes. I’ll be revisiting the area soon for more adventure and stories.