Beeripmo Hike | Mt Cole State Forest and Mt Buangor State Park

Beeripmo Hike | Mt Cole State Forest and Mt Buangor State Park

I’ve had this hike on the radar for some time. Trying to get perfect weather conditions has never been easy for this walk. Beeripmo hike is around 2 hour drive from Bendigo and the start of the hike begins at Richards Campground.

Day One – Beeripmo Hike

I set off from Richards Campground around 09:00 AM. Perfect weather conditions. And from the tent city in the car park, a few others had the same idea. The walk is around 20KM (2 Days). From previous trip notes I read was all uphill. With heavy packs, mainly bacon, chocolates and snacks I set off heading to the first stop Raglan Falls.

Beeripmo Hike Markers

Did I mention it’s uphill? Well, it is! Raglan falls weren’t much of a falls at all. After some searching found a trickle of water which I assume is the falls. After catching my breath, snacks and water, I continued the slog back uphill.

Passed Cave Hill and Grevillea Lookout. All nice places to stop for photos and views of Mt Cole. The perfect sunny day was soon changing to be a cold and windy day. As forecasted light showers and rain was starting to settle in. On with the pack covers and more uphill to cover before getting to Mt Sugarloaf. The track zigzags steeply to Sugarloaf. Short steps and hiking poles help.

From Sugarloaf, it’s a short walk to the Beeripmo campground. From the rain, fog and elevation, I was happy to get the tent straight up and have a quick nap. The time was 14:30. A five hour slog uphill was done!

Beeripmo Campground has two drop toilets, plenty of water in the tank and around 10 camping spots with fireplaces. No booking is required, however, we were lucky to get one of the final spots due to a few others camping the night.

Day 2 – Downhill Sections

Woke up after a solid sleep. Today was mainly going to be a downhill section day. After a quick breakfast of eggs and bacon, we set off into the thick fog. The first destination today was Mt Buangor. Short uphill section but a relatively easy walk to an intersection where you can do a side trip to Mt Buangor. We had decided to leave our packs and walk up 2KM as views from Mt Buangor were spectacular. Unfortunately due to heavy fog and hardly any visibility we decided to cancel the side trip and continue to Mugwamp Camp on the Beeripmo hike.

Note to self: Mugwamp Camp looks like an awesome place to camp. The small hut, fireplace and plenty of space for tents.

Watch more hiking videos on YouTube.

After Mugwamp Camp, it was all downhill back to the car. This was my favourite part of the hike. Not because it was downhill but the trail passes through some spectacular landscapes, ferns, gum trees and small creek crossings. Lots of fallen trees on the trail, so you may need to take off your packs and scramble under or over the obstacles.

4KM downhill section was walked quickly and we were back at Richards Campground by 11:00 AM. Overall I loved this 2 day hike. I’m classifying this hike as EASY. Yes, I do recommend it for beginners. The track is well maintained and signposted. Day 1 can be hard with all the climbing, however plenty of reward with spectacular views. Taking time with plenty of stops will help break Day 1 into a memorable hike.

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