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Morning Sidekick Journal | Morning Habit Tracker

Success can be defined by the day-to-day achievements you make. This applies to success in every aspect of life. Professional athletes track their daily achievements to make sure that they make progress on a daily basis. Effective tracking of your goals and achievements can only be achieved with the appropriate detailing of the daily tasks. Morning Sidekick Journal has been designed to help you not only keep track of your achievement but to ensure that you make an all-round success on a daily basis.

I purchased this journal from a recent Indiegogo Startup Campaign. I’m not big into journals or writing, but this campaign looked interesting. It made 3 main points that got me interested: (1) Tracking my progress over time, (2) Taking action on my points in as little as 3 minutes every day and (3) holding me accountable for my tasks.

Spice up your day with Morning Sidekick Journal

The Morning Sidekick Journal is a product of a science-based research on behavioural habits. It is designed to track daily progress in order to ascertain events that go right or wrong with an aim of making adequate adjustments where the need arises. The journal is also structured in a way to help me to take actions and be responsible for maintaining consistency in the process.

The hardbound journal offers a lot of benefits to me, here are just a few:

  • It is structured in such a way as to keep me focused on important actions I need to do every day to be active and successful.
  • With the journal, I’ve noticed I’m more accountable and I’ve changed my attitude towards consistency and accountability in my daily activities.
  • This journal helps me to appreciate each of my allocated activities. It tracks the progress and benefits of the activities and thereby helping me to grow in all aspects.
  • Writing down my ideas and thoughts plays a vital role in developing better mental strength and gives me more ideas to work with over the long run.
  • With my daily challenges, I get hands-on daily strategies to help me achieve my goals and tasks.

Morning Habit Tracker

Overall I love this journal. It’s simple to use, straight to the point and keeps me on track to producing my best in what I do. The Morning Sidekick Journal is a powerful tool to enhance your productivity by helping to list and focus on important tasks.