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I Wrote a Children’s Book and a Song About Drone Safety

I’m no author or songwriter, but somehow, I managed to write a children’s book and a song about drone safety rules. I will probably make this into a YouTube Vlog with a more detailed explanation since this has been a learning experience of a lifetime.

As you probably know I run and operate a commercial drone business called Bendigo Aerial. We provide various services related to drone photography, video, mapping and survey throughout Australia and the world. I also have two young kids who love to fly drones. This is how I initially got started in the business of flying drones with my family.

Today more and more young kids get involved with drones. They are fascinated with the technology; they love to fly drones and the ability to control a flying object with a remote control always amazes their curiosity. With new technology comes responsibility and understanding rules, regulations and safety. No one wants to ruin the fun, but learning at a young age has proven to be beneficial when kids grow up and expand into the evolving industry.

Why a Children’s Book and Song?

So, the best way for me to educate young kids on drone safety rules and regulations was to write a children’s rhyming book and a drone safety song for kids. (Plus, I really wanted to be an author and songwriter – my kids would love that!). The children’s book and the song is an easy way to communicate a message in a fun and educational way. Kids will remember that easily and parents will get the song stuck in their heads. (It’s catchy – you’ve been warned).

Drone Adventure

Drone Adventure is a children’s rhyming book about drone safety rules. Easy to read, rhyming, beautiful illustrations, word search, colouring page and a handy little book to ready with your kids at bedtime. If you have kindle unlimited, it’s free to download and listen to. If not, you can download it for as little as $5.00 AUD or buy the book for under $20.00. More information on the book and links to purchase can be found on the website Drone Adventure.

Drone Adventure Book - Children's Book

Drone Safety Song for Kids

An educational and fun song about drone safety rules. The song is available free on all streaming services worldwide. We also have a fun YouTube video to be released soon. Let’s call it a music lyric video. If you want to support the business and help, get this song out to everyone, please consider downloading a digitally remastered version of the song for $4.50.

Drone Safety Song Kids

Overall, I’m pretty proud of the entire project from start to finish considering I had no idea what I was doing in this space of writing a book and creating a song. I’m good at flying drones and running businesses, but the songwriting and an author was a stretch even for me. Even though I’ve learnt so much in this space, I still think I’m just starting to learn this industry of publishing and music.

Finally, if you have listened to the song or read the book, please get in contact with me. Let me know what you or your kids thought of the project. I love getting emails from all over the world. And I’m keen to get this project out to all kids worldwide.