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Jet Ocean Sport | SUP Board Review

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a SUP Board (Stand Up Paddle Boarding). I took an introductory beginner class with a company named Stillwater Paddleboards. They operate in Bendigo, Cohuna, and Nagambie Lakes. The professional instructors made it easy to learn the right techniques to get started in SUP. It was a great intro to the sport of SUP and I felt confident at the end of the session.

After my introductory session, I wanted to buy my own board. Something I could use in my spare time, get fit and enjoy the many waterways in Victoria. I travel a lot, so it had to be portable/inflatable and easy to carry.

My Requirements for a SUP Board

Inflatable, around 10”6, thick board,  3 SUP board fins, a carry bag, paddle, pump and a budget under $1000.

I searched the usual places like eBay, Amazon, review sites, wholesalers and online businesses. There is a lot of information online; however considering the weight of the item the shipping and transport fees were very high.

SUP Board Review of Jet Ocean Sport

SUP Board

I then came across Jet Ocean Sport SUP boards. I couldn’t find many reviews online, so I decided to write this article if anyone else was looking for the same type of board. Facebook page for Jet Ocean Sport.

Review Updated:
20-March-2017 (I’ll update this article as I go if I find any issues).

Price Paid: $699.00 (Includes Free Shipping Victoria Wide) <<< I’m not happy with this price now since the buyer reduced it to $499 after purchase. YEP $200 bucks cheaper now! Even the 11″ foot board is cheaper.

Purchased directly via eBay Australia and delivered by courier within 48 hours of purchase. (Yes – Fast Shipping and thumbs up for not using Australia Post). I also had the option to pick up locally from Melbourne.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding)

** Check out more images of the board here. Shot with the #GoProHero5. Images Hosted on Flickr.

What’s Inside the Box?

SUP Bag, Strap, Paddle, Main Fin, Leash for the Leg, Repair Kit, Pump and the Inflatable Board. The board length is 10”6 and is around 6 inches thick. Board weighs close to 12.00kg.

First impressions

Just unboxing and pumping the board I was impressed with the overall quality. There are no instructions so I had to figure out how to connect the pump and attach the nozzle to the board. Very easy in the end. There is a label to pump the board to 15 PSI. However as a test I only inflated it to 12PSI. At this pressure, the board was already sturdy and solid. The rear removable fin was easy to place in position.


The 3-piece aluminum paddle comes standard with all boards. Adjustable from 170-210cm the paddle can be used by a wide range of paddlers. The aluminum shaft and durable plastic blade can cope with the hits to be expected when paddling and traveling. The paddle does float. But does take in water slowlyJust to make sure, I added a piece of pool noodle in the middle to add more buoyancy.


I was surprised with the quality of the bag. Looks like heavy duty with a main large pocket for the SUP board. Large outer pocket for the pump, hose, fin and repair kit. Wheels at the bottom of the bag to drag or roll when transporting. And backpack straps to wear the bag like a backpack.

SUP Pump

The pump is easy to operate. Required PSI is 15. A small hole and screw at the back of the pump can be found to help with the pumping pressure. Cover the whole with the screw to pump easily to 12PSI. Then undo the screw to get to the required 15PSI range.

SUP Board Pump

Rear SUP Fin

There is a 10” inch slide in fin. Just slides in and clips on. Easy to attach and detach.


There is an 11” leash which gets connected to the back D-ring near the valve. The leash is easy to use and comfortable on the leg.

Repair Kit

Contains glue, two pieces of PVC fabric (matched to board colour) and a valve tool.