Masons Falls Kinglake National Park Day Hike

Masons Falls Kinglake National Park Day Hike

For a quick day walk close to Melbourne, you can’t go past Masons Falls circuit walk at Kinglake National Park. Around a one hour drive from Melbourne, this is an easy circuit day walk (15 km).

With half a day to spare, and haven’t done a day hike in some time, I gave the Masons circuit ago. I started the walk from the picnic area which leads straight to Masons Falls then I walked clockwise around the circuit.

The walk is easy with only two steep sections. Lots of walkers walk the circuit anticlockwise as well. Either way, you need to go downhill and head back up again.

Mason Falls Kinglake

Masons Falls didn’t have a lot of water flowing through, so this walk would be great after heavy rain or even in wintertime. There is plenty of wildlife to see on the walk including the lyrebird.

The track leads up to Mount Sugarloaf. At the top of the car park, there are some nice views, however, mainly blocked by trees. At 540 meters you can also see Melbourne CBD.

From the car park, it’s downhill via the running track. Passing through “The Tryst”, “Hazel Glade” and “Ferny Nook” some beautiful places to stop and take photos and explore.

Day Hike Circuit Kinglake

There is a steep climb close to the end of the circuit which leads back to the junction of Wallaby track and Running Creek Track. Then it’s back to Mason Falls and to the picnic area to conclude the walk.

This was an enjoyable walk and close to Melbourne. It’s amazing to see how the bush has recovered from the Black Saturday bushfires that destroyed most of this park.

Masons Falls Hike Video

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