Luminoodle Light LED

Luminoodle Light LED and Lantern for Hiking

I was searching the internet looking for hiking LED lights when I came across the Luminoodle. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Small, lightweight, powerful and waterproof light system. This was perfect for my needs which were to light up the campsite and add some light near my tent.

Luminoodle Features I Love

  • The price – $25.00 Australian
  • 1.5 Meters in length – perfect for car camping, hiking and travel
  • It’s waterproof IP67 for both indoor and outdoor
  • Comes with a small bag, which turns it into a portable lantern
  • USB Powered – Plug it into your USB bank
  • Built-in magnets to attach to a tent pole or metal surfaces
  • Comes with reusable ties – ideal for trees, tents and hanging from objects
  • It’s bright – 180 Lumens – Lights up the entire area with powerful LED’s

Where to Buy Luminoodle?

Search and Buy from eBay Australia. I purchased mine from Amazon Australia with extremely fast shipping for $7.00 AUD. (Original item from Power Practical)

When hiking, I only carry the Luminoodle LED lights with my power bank. I leave the stuff sack, the universal ties and round plastic storage container behind to save on weight. Garbage bin liner ties work well if you’re looking for a light alternative way to hang from trees or branches.

The lights are extremely powerful. While on a recent night hike, I used them around my backpack to light the trail in front of me. Since I take a lot of photos with the GoPro, the Luminoodle has also been a great addition for night photos and getting some special effects with the slow shutter mode.

Luminoodle Hiking Tent

Lanterns vs Rope LEDs

I still use my Luci Solar Light which I love using inside the tent and moving around camp. However, the Luminoodle adds so much more ambient light that it’s ideal for car camping, cooking meals or just having a chat with friends.

I’ll be using both lighting systems on my next overnight hike. I’m sure it will be the topic of conversation as I don’t recall seeing anyone else having these rope LEDs.

Luminoodle Tent Hiking Light