Perfect Memory Wireless Action Camera

Perfect Memory | Wireless Action Camera

I got in early on this project by backing the Indiegogo crowdfunding website. I love my GoPro and all the accessories that go with it, however wanted another smaller camera to place on the bike helmet and carry with me while hiking. I found the “Perfect Memory Pro Camera”.

The camera is estimated to ship around October 2016 and if early you can pick up the camera for around $99.00 + Shipping. Many different packages to choose from, so get in quick before the pre-sales run out.

Link: Fund the project and get your own camera
(Perfect Memory: Stunning Wireless Pro Camera)

Features of the Perfect Memory Camera:

  • Tap to save the last 5 minutes of the clip
  • Quick edits with a double tap
  • Up to 128GB SD Card
  • 1000 mAh Battery – (1 day battery life)
  • 140 degree field of view (Wide Angle) F2.8 Aperture
  • Fits existing GoPro attachments
  • Turn any surface into a photo / video or both
  • Can be used as dash camera with DVR Loop Mode
  • Included built in microphone
  • Time-lapse with Photo and Video mode
  • Thin and light weight
  • Phone App + Live streaming + Live Preview to phone

I would love to see the Perfect Memory Camera have an option to have continuous power through a batter pack via USB. It doesn’t look like it has this from the initial release, however the comments suggest this may be added later. I may be mistaken but I didn’t see a USB input.

** Added Notes: The owners of the project have indicated there is a USB port, so this would make it easy to charge with an external battery or power for extended time-lapse and video.

I’ll be looking forward to receiving this camera. I have many uses for this Perfect Memory camera. Hiking and cycling are the ones I’ll probably use it the most along with the Gopro camera. Due to the size and versatility of this camera, it will be very easy to use, carry and always have a HD camera with you at all times.

For Drones and FPV, this camera would be ideal or as an additional camera in the field to shoot HD video.

Want your own action camera? Fund the project and get your own.