Fiji Holiday

Fiji Holiday | GoPro and Time Lapse Video

We spent a few days in Fiji for a quick getaway holiday. This was our second time visiting Fiji. On our previously trip we took the kids. Due to their young age, we were unable to appreciate the many different activities on offer and experience the culture. Both times we stayed at the Fiji Hideaway Resort. The resort staff were both friendly and welcoming. It did feel like “coming home”.

With all meals and drinks included in the package the hotel has many activities. The hotel is located on the coral coast near Sigatoka, so there is a bit of travel between Nadi, the airport and many Fijian attractions. You need to keep this in mind when planning activities. We only planned to lounge by the pool, beach and just relax for the short time we were there.

Quick review of some of the activities:

The Sugar Cane Train

A great activity to be enjoyed by the whole family. The train slowly travels from Cuvu to Sigatoka township. The station is near the Shangri-La Hotel. It slowly travels through communities where children wait for the train to receive lollies from the travellers. Bring your own lollies to share with the kids, if not they can be purchased cheaply from the station. The train travels through the sugar cane and stops at a kindergarten where kids perform songs. Final destination is Sigatoka where you can shop, have lunch and visit the township. Tripadvisor Website.

Heli-Tours Fiji

We picked the 25 minute flight over the many islands of Fiji. One of the most exciting experiences we had in Fiji. Felt completely safe. Pilots were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The flight path was over the Islands off Denaru Island. Next time we will definitely pick a longer trip through the mountain side of Fiji. Highly recommended activity while visiting Fiji. See video below for some of the photos and videos we took with the GoPro. Heli-Tours Website.

Heli Tours Fiji

Fiji Holiday and GoPro Edits

With the DJI Phantom drone and GoPro Hero3, we ended up taking hours of footage. Here is a mix of the many clips placed into a short video. Music by: Matvey Emerson feat Freya – Gimme Your Love (Original Tropical Mix)