Crusoe Reservoir Bendigo - View from above

Crusoe Reservoir Drone Footage | DJI Mavic Pro by Chris Mather

A video I took over the weekend on Mothers Day with the DJI Mavic Pro over Crusoe Reservoir. A small sample of the footage which will be included into another project once completed.

Watch on YouTube – Flying over Crusoe Reservoir on a perfect autumn day. Please subscribe or share with your family and friends. Alternatively to view HD photos taken from the drone, please see here.

Crusoe Reservoir Flying Test Notes

  • Lots of small changes to settings and colour correction.
  • Need to buy a damn filter to stop lens flare and propeller/prop shadows.
  • Still in the testing phase. Added new gimbal settings. Much smoother.
  • DJI Mavic Pro needs a firmware update which will be done this weekend.
  • Since my first test flight at Lake Eppalock, I’ve changed to filming in D-Log instead of D-Cinelike. Personal choice but I find the LUTS I use to be suited to D-Log.
  • I’m now certified with CASA having a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). I’ll write more about this process in a few weeks.

Questions I get asked frequently?

Am I available for commercial and private jobs? The short answer is not at this stage. As I mentioned I’m now certified however, I’ll be creating a business or incorporating it into an existing business with a ROC (Remote Operator Certificate). Due to time, family and work commitments, I’m unable to offer this as a service. In the future, I plan to do so. Currently, this is a just a hobby in my spare time.

I do appreciate all the emails and questions I receive here on the blog as well as on the field. Please keep sending them to me, including requests for private and commercial work and I’ll let you know once I’m available.

Some popular answers to questions I get while flying

  • Yes, it will come back if there is signal loss.
  • About $2000 to buy one.
  • Yes, it has a camera, Yes I can zoom, Yes I can see what the drone sees.
  • It can travel over 5KM, but you can only fly it VLOS (Visual Line Of Sight).
  • I can fly it up to 400ft AGL (Above Ground Level).
  • Flight time is between 20 – 25 minutes.
  • No, you can’t fly it over populous areas or over people. 30M buffer applies.
  • Yes, I am certified.

I need to make a sign for these answers 🙂