Expedition Pass Reservoir DJI MAVIC

Expedition Pass Reservoir DJI MAVIC

Perfect autumn day testing the DJI Mavic Pro over Expedition Pass Reservoir. Situated in Golden Point near Castlemaine, the reservoir is also known as Golden Point Reservoir.

I just updated the drone to the latest software version from DJI. Using the DJI go app, it was any easy process, however, took around 30 minutes to complete the update. One of the many changes was the fixed wind add-on as well as a fix to D-Log.

I usually shoot in Cinelike but switched to D-Log to test some footage. The water at Expedition Pass usually looks black. And with the valley blocks some of the sunlight. So a lot of the footage was cleaned up in post-production. There is also visible lens flare from the sun. I will try with filters or try to crop it out with Adobe Premiere. Let me know of any lens filters that would fix this issue.

Expedition Pass Reservoir

For the video at Expedition Pass Reservoir, I ended up using some LUTS from iwltbap.com . The LUTs colour grading pack for the GoPro Hero5. Within this package, they also provide a DJI Mavic D-Log to Rec.709. I used this conversion with some minor tweaks to a couple of clips to make it brighter.

Expedition Pass Reservoir Video

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Lessons Learnt at Expedition Pass Reservoir

  • Don’t forget to press the record button (Lots of footage lost)
  • Need a sun visor for the phone
  • Do all your preferred settings at home, before flying
  • Focus first, then press photo button. (Use selective focus)
  • LUTs – So much to learn about colour grading footage – Novice level
  • Adobe Premiere CC 2017 – Downscaling 4K to 1080P
  • Lower the gimbal response rate for smoother panning up/down
  • Need filters for the camera to stop lens flare from the sun
  • Drop saturation level from D-Log settings to -1

Expedition Pass Reservoir Golden Point