DJI Mavic Pro Australian Pricing

DJI Mavic Pro | Australian Prices

DJI announced the release of the new drone – DJI Mavic Pro. The Mavic Pro will start shipping mid-October. The recommended retail price is $999.00 US which includes the drone and the controller. If you want to learn more about this new drone, there are plenty of YouTube videos to watch as well as articles from thousands of news and technology outlets.

This article is solely to help myself and others to find the cheapest price including delivery (+fees?) to Australia. When new technology is released in the US it can take some time to filter to Australia. The prices are usually much higher taking into account the exchange rate and shipping.

If you find a cheaper price, please contact me to get this article updated.

Updated 30 August 2018: Looking for the Best Mavic Pro 2 Drone Prices? Ready for shipment from the 1st of September.  Click here for the best current pricing.

My Requirements for the Best Price

  • DJI Mavic Pro Drone and Controller Included ( – Excluding Fly More Combo)
  • Can be shipped from anywhere in the world
  • Must be from a reputable supplier or Internet ecommerce site
  • Shipping to Australia, Tracked Package, Prices Converted to AUD

Note: I purchased my DJI Mavic Pro directly from the DJI Store. It only took 10 days to arrive as it seems the DJI store is shipping the items much faster than selling the drones to resellers. Kogan and other resellers currently have a wait time around 4 – 6 weeks.

One issue I did have was with Australian Customs. The drone arrived in Australia with 24 hours but for some reason, Customs held the goods pending a purchase order or proof of purchase. I sent them the receipt and also informed DJI to escalate the issue. $1699 from DJI Store includes all taxes and shipping costs. So if Customs ask you to pay a fee, escalate this with DJI. No fees should be paid to Customs because it’s already included in the price. Read more about other users experience with Australian Customs and DJI Drones.

Best Australian Prices Found for DJI Mavic Pro

(Updated 30th February 2018 – Removed expired links. Best place to buy the original Mavic Pro is via eBay – Links below). The original Mavic Pro is now extremely affordable at under $1000 AUD.

EBay Listings

Australian eBay listings: Search by Lowest Price and Postage. Please do your own research before purchasing. Lots of scammers take advantage of new product announcements by creating fake listings. Always pay with Paypal as well as checking reviews and contacting sellers with questions. I found some examples that look promising. Although they seem to be selling out quickly.

Final Notes:

Best time to buy the DJI Mavic Pro is after the official shipping start date. (Around 24th October). If you can wait a little longer some of the prices will settle closer to Christmas, so a good time to buy would be the end of November 2016 or as usual after Christmas where prices generally start falling.

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    1. Yeah that’s the combo package. I was only listing the Mavic and Controller pricing. But you’re right most all stock coming directly from Hong Kong and still on Pre-order status. Thanks for the comment.

  1. Hi

    You pay import duties (10%) for the amout of 1k and over plus approx 15-20 for official to inspect your package and paper work. They calculate it it on your buying price in USD plus USD postage.

    1. True. What I don’t understand is you can buy the same drone from a retailer from the same warehouse and pay no duty / import fees. Only DJI / Apple seem to charge this fee.

  2. We are from the Gold Coast, ordered mavic pro with DGI Care from DGI direct the Friday night of the 23/12/2016 for our son for xmas, delivery status was 4 to 6 weeks. On Friday 6th January 2017 received email and txt that it was despatched from DGI’s Shenzhen factory received by DHL couriers today Tuesday 10th January 2017. So despatched exactly two weeks from order. Our son is over the moon

    1. That’s excellent news. Hope he has a great time flying it. Looks like DJI is almost out of stock again, so it might be another 2 – 3 weeks wait if anyone is else is interested.

  3. Camerasky you should stay away from.Goggle them as the dept of fair trading is chasing them as 150k is outstanding to consumers. They have not be been answering dept calls and email.

    1. I did make a purchase with them earlier. They told me it was going to be 4 – 6 weeks delivery. So I asked for a refund and then promptly refunded the money back. No issues. But YES do your own research about the company. Check first if stock and buy small items since they seem to deliver quickly on batteries etc. Bit of hit and miss with this company.

  4. We are a DJI retailer based on the Gold Coast. As of 17th March we have 4 combo’s in stock and we are 100% to receive more combo and non combo sets next week. You can drop in and collect or we will ship for you. GST is of course included and the warranty is with DJI Australia for repairs and english speaking tech support. Company: CamerasDirect

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