Fishing Kayak Jet Ocean Sports

Fishing Kayak by Jet Ocean Sport

I recently purchased a paddleboard after taking lessons and getting into the sport. I’ve been trying to fish while paddleboarding and love the flexibility to move around the water and try new spots. I decided on buying a small fishing kayak. Something light, stable and easy to use on the water.

It has been an incredible summer so far and I’ve been trying to get on the water as much as possible. I love relaxing and kicking back while fishing which I’ve not done much this year. It has been a busy year with work commitments and project work. Where has the time gone right?

You can read more about my current paddleboard which I’m really happy with.

Watch a video I made with the Kayak and Paddleboard from Jet Ocean Sport.

This blog post is a quick review of the sit-on-top fishing kayak by Jet Ocean Sports (Company also known as Auschance). Purchased on eBay, I drove down to Melbourne and picked up the kayak. The entire transaction was easy and the owner Jimmy looked after me with some extras.

Check out this Fishing Kayak on eBay

Package: Fishing Kayak I Purchased

  • One person 2.7M sit-on-top Kayak – Jungle Camo
  • Weight around 20KG
  • Seat – Back Rest + Harness Points
  • Paddle – 2 Piece – Light (Various Colors)
  • 8 Scupper Plugs
  • Front Fishing Rod Holder
  • Two additional rod holders at the back
  • Front Storage Compartment
  • Middle Storage Compartment
  • Front, Rear and Side Handles
  • Straps on the Side to Hold the Paddle
  • Rear Drain Plug

I added a few extras to the Kayak

  • Purchased some kayak wheels to move the kayak from the car to the lake. You can find these for under $50.00 with free delivery. Very helpful for moving the kayak around.
  • Personal Flotation Device – PFD from Anaconda
  • Soft Racks for the Car: Since I didn’t have roof racks, soft racks are perfect for kayaks and sup boards. Purchased also from eBay for under $50.00

** Note the kayak comes in several different colours as well as the paddle. I just preferred the Camo colour. This kayak also looks like a generic model that is readily available through different sellers under different brands throughout eBay.

Check out the video on YouTube. Took the fishing kayak out to Crusoe Reservoir chasing any fish that would go for my Rapala lures. Unfortunately, nothing was caught on the day but will be heading back with some new fishing gear shortly.

Overall I love this setup for the kayak. It’s quick in the water, light to maneuver and stable to simply float across a reservoir or lake and throw some lures. I’m researching some light anchors and maybe a small fish finder for the future.

Any questions regarding this setup, let me know. I’ll add more to this article after a few paddles with the kayak.