Removu R1 GoPro LCD

Removu R1+ GoPro Live View Remote

Removu R1+ is GoPro compatible LCD screen that straps directly on your wrist. Remote control and capture your GoPro images wirelessly with instant playback and preview.

Note: Having issues connecting to GoPro Hero5? Firmware 1.2.1. See updates to this article below.

Having a LCD BacPac from GoPro is a great investment to get the perfect point of view. However having a LCD view on your wrist is even better with the Removu live view remote. There have been so many occasions while mountain biking, hiking and having fun with the kids where I wished I could see the LCD screen while detached from the Gopro. Example taking a selfie, a time lapse or even an action shot where it’s sometimes hard to see the back of the GoPro screen.

I found the Removu R1+ while searching Youtube and online reviews for a solution. Not to be mistaken with the Removu P1. (The P1 is great if you already have a GoPro Touch LCD BacPac and you want to make it wireless. The P1 only provides the case and hardware to make this happen. You must already own the LCD or buy the LCD separately). The Removu R1+ comes complete with built-in 2” inch LCD display and built-in rechargeable battery.

These are some blog posts I have written where I use thsi remote to film:

What I Love About the Removu R1+

  • The unit is splash, dust and shock resistant. (Note: Removu R1+ is also waterproof)
  • The battery can be charged via USB cable. Battery last around 2.5 – 3 hours. Much longer than my GoPro Hero 3. GoPro Hero5.
  • Playback and preview video and pictures instantly after recording.
  • Access your camera settings from the remote.
  • Monitor and operate the Gopro remotely. Open space I get around 30 – 50-meter coverage on the WiFi.
  • Lightweight and comfortable strap.

My Removu R1+ Tips:

  • Firmware update – Check your Removu R1+ software. Then check the website for any updates. If updates exist, update to the latest firmware. Take note there are different firmware versions for P1, R1 and R1+. (Pick the correct one).
  • I sometimes carry the remote on my selfie stick. So I can easily remove the remote and align the image correctly.
  • Buy an additional cradle from Removu to use with GoPro mounts. Ideal for mounting on a mountain bike or using the base plate from the GoPro original box as a makeshift stand.

Does WiFi Lag Exist?

Unfortunately YES! The same lag experienced from the GoPro App will exist on the remote. I think this is more to do with the GoPro firmware and WiFi issues on the Hero3. I’ve learned to live with it and the delay is only a second from the live image. Not sure about Hero3+ and Hero4. (Lag exists with Hero5)

In conclusion, the Removu R1+ is a great piece of hardware. For adventure enthusiast, this is a must-have piece of gear to complement your GoPro. I generally take it out on all video and photo shoots whether I’ll be using it or not. If you have questions regarding this model, please contact me.

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Updates to Article

Update March 2018: I had an issue with my WiFi signal. For some reason, it kept dropping and I couldn’t connect. I could see the GoPro signal on Removu but when I tried to connect it would refuse the connection or simply disappear. I sent an email to customer support and within 3 days they had replaced the faulty unit. Great customer service by Hera from Removu. The replacement procedure and shipping was excellent. From Korea to Australia in 3 days. Thanks Removu!

Update October 2017: After upgrading Removu R1+ to firmware 1.2.1 I had issues connecting back to HERO5. The remote would constantly ask for the WiFi password or the WiFi would drop off completely from view. This was very frustrating! But I think this may be the fix. Reset the Removu to factory default by pressing the reset button. (I also reset the GoPro Hero5). Turn on GoPro Hero5, Go to Connect > Connect New Device > Capture App. Now turn on Removu R1+. Find the GoPro and enter the password as shown on the GoPro. 30 seconds+ The controller should connect to the GoPro Hero5. Using this method I was able to keep a stable connection as well as connect directly from Removu to Hero5. Hope that helps.

Update April 2017: Article updated to R1+. Removu R1+ is now compatible with the GoPro Hero5. The long-awaited firmware update is here. I had no issues with the upgrade.

Update October 2016: I had an issue with the R1+ screen. A single black line would appear below the image on the LCD screen. Since I had only used it a few times and with no scratches or marks on the screen I contacted the company about the issue. This was one of my BEST experiences with a technology company regarding a warranty issue. I described the issue via their support channel and a replacement was sent within 5 days via Fedex Express. Brand new LCD screen, unopened and upgraded to the latest version – R1+. Thank you Removu – appreciate the replacement. Now that’s awesome customer service!