Why the Ledger Nano S Plus is the Greatest Cold Storage Wallet

Ledger Nano S Plus Hardware Wallet Secure Your Crypto

Ledger Nano S plus was released as a new and improved successive version of the Nano S. Although the cold storage wallet provides the same level of security as the Nano S, it boasts many features that I love.

Nano S Plus is arguably the greatest cold storage wallet, at least in my opinion. Wondering how? Let me walk you through the different reasons the Nano S Plus is your best option for a cold storage wallet.

What is the Ledger Nano S Plus?

The Ledger Nano S plus is an upgraded version of cold storage wallet that helps you store and manage your cryptos and NFTs. With a larger screen, improved storage memory, and other upgraded features, Nano S plus cost $20 more than its predecessor which sits around $140.oo AUD. Following the decommissioning of the Nano S, the Nano S Plus will become the entry option of the Nano version.

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Pros of Nano S Plus

● Has a larger screen size than Nano S
● Supports the storage and management of NFTs
● Compatible with over 100 crypto apps
● Supports more than 5000 coins including bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether
● Offers high security to your coins. CC EAL 5+ star rating
● Good cold storage wallet for crypto newbies
● Wonderful features at a fair price. Much cheaper than the Nano X (Bluetooth)

However, the Nano S Plus has a few concerns you should be aware of. The device has no touchscreen and unlike the Nano X, there’s no Bluetooth connection. Also, it costs $20 more than Nano S and doesn’t work with iOS devices. (Apple doesn’t permit USB active connections – If you’re an Apple user, buy the much more expensive Nano X which has Bluetooth)

Cold Wallet vs Other Hardware Wallets

Many people tend to confuse cold wallets with hardware wallets as both are all off-chain wallets but there are few distinctions between the two. The crypto market is subject to many cyber crimes including hacking, scams, and phishing.

The cold wallet keeps your private keys completely offline, eliminating the possibility of being hacked. Also, because a cold wallet renders your address inactive, it does not interact with the web3 and this offers it more security against possible cyber crimes other than hacking.

On the other hand, a hardware wallet can protect your private keys but can allow you to explore web3. This poses another security threat to your cryptos as you can sign dubious smart contracts and have your coins wiped out.

Smart contracts are irreversible digital agreements. Scammers can take advantage of these digital agreements by adding terms and conditions which might give them access to your crypto. This is why a cold storage wallet like Nano S plus is the best security for your crypto.

Ledger Nano S Plus - Cold Storage Wallet
Ledger Nano S Plus – Cold Storage Wallet

Benefits of Cold Storage and Nano S Plus

1. Safe and Secure – Your Keys, Your Coins

Cold storage wallets like the Nano S plus offer security benefits to your coin, as they protect you from the activities of cyber criminals on the web3. While a hot wallet has its advantages such as convenience, its susceptibility to hacking makes it unsafe for the storage of large amounts of cryptos.

Nano S plus is designed with large enough memory to keep your coins protected and constrain your address from any activity that makes it vulnerable to attack. Moreover, Nano s plus is a highly secure wallet with a 5-star security rating. The device is verified and certified by the French cybersecurity agency.

2. Easy to Stake and Keep Cryptos Off the Exchange

You don’t need to lock your coins in an exchange before you can stake them. The ledger Nano s plus makes it easy for you to easily stake your coin directly from the wallet. In other words, it helps you maintain control of your coin even while you’re making money via staking.

To get started, you have to download the ledger live wallet on your desktop or mobile device and create your account. Go to the manager section and find the crypto app that supports the coin you wish to stake. After that, transfer the coin to your ledger live wallet and start staking.

Ledger Live

The Ledger Live is a free crypto app that lets you manage your cryptos and NFTs stored in your hardware wallet. It gives you absolute control over your assets while providing you with total security. It’s a free desktop and mobile app that has a range of uses including access to the dApps and web3 ecosystem.

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