Osprey Atmos AG 65 - Hiking Backpack

Osprey Atmos AG 65 | My New Hiking Backpack

New Year brings a new hiking bag. Introducing my new multi-day hiking backpack, the Osprey Atmos AG 65. Searching online you will find plenty of reviews as well as Youtube videos showcasing this awesome bag. I’m not going to go through all the detailed points about this bag as you can watch the Youtube videos below for the specs. What I am going to write is my personal experience with this new bag over the past two hiking trips.

YouTube Reviews and Osprey Information

I purchased this bag from Wild Earth Australia for an incredible price of $240.00 AUD. (Price, – sale price, – discount + free shipping) Winning! I purchased the large size which equated to around a 68L bag as per the description on the Wild Earth site. Measuring up the bag size from the Osprey website put me on borderline Medium / Large. I decided to get the Large to play it safe.

The Osprey Atmos AG 65 is not a light hiking bag compared to other popular brands. At around 2KG it does have a bit of weight from the frame however the Anti-Gravity system from Osprey makes up for the weight and you hardly feel it with a full loadout. For the test, I packed the Osprey Atmos AG 65 bag with all my gear for a 2 – 3 day hike. Total weight around 15KG including food and water.

Things I love about the Osprey Atmos AG 65

  • Anti Gravity Suspension – Don’t even feel the weight on the shoulders as the bag weight is sent straight to your hips. You can stand up comfortably; I had no neck or back pain. This suspension system works!
  • Floating Lid – The top lid can be removed to lighten the pack. I prefer to load the top section with my first aid kit and Vanquest Maximizer Organiser, Maps, Compass etc and remove it at camp for easy organisation. For day hikes you could remove this as the bag has an internal flap to cover the top.
  • Pockets – Main top-load pocket, two side pockets with zipping, front mesh pocket for rain gear and anything you want quick access to. Plenty of space!
  • Mesh Harness – Love this idea! Your back never hits the back of the bag. There is plenty of airflow between the bag and your back. The back panel fits the curve of your body.
  • Fit on the Fly Belt – The hip belt is fully customisable to your body. You can move the flaps in or out depending on your body shape. You can also do this while walking and tighten the hip belt for stronger hip support.
  • Belt and Harness Adjustments – Everything can be adjusted. I bought the large bag which initially I thought might be a little too big. However by adjusting the straps from the lift loaders, shoulder straps, hip belt and back panel adjustment I was able to get a custom fit for my body.
  • Water Bottle Holders – What a great idea. The first bag I’ve seen where you can load your water bottle either from the side or traditionally from the top down. The side pocket means you can drink water from your bottle, without taking your pack off and sliding it back in on an angle. Easy to reach.

Things I hate about Osprey Atmos AG 65

  • Where is the Rain Jacket? For the price of this bag, the quality build and a big name brand, there is no rain cover supplier with the Osprey Atmos AG 65. Instead, you need to spend another $40.00 AUD to buy the 50L – 70L rain cover for this bag. All my previous bags have had the rain cover supplied. You would think Osprey would throw the rain cover in with the bag considering the price of the bag.
  • Pockets on the Hip Belt – For me, these pockets were a little small and sometimes hard to open. When the hip belt goes around your stomach it’s stretched so the pocket loses its volume size. There is enough room for a mobile phone or some snacks. Overall these pouches need more space to get any good use out of them.

Overall I love this bag! This is probably the best hiking bag I have ever owned and I’m glad I invested in Osprey. This bag will definitely help me to enjoy the outdoors a little more. The bag with the anti-gravity system is very comfortable and is one of the few bags that fit my body perfectly. With all the weight on your hips, I was able to comfortably walk 8KM in 2 hours with no pain in the back, hips or neck. While I was walking I was able to adjust the bag accordingly to suit the conditions of the walk. In terms of storage and compartments, there are plenty of areas to store your equipment and gain access quickly when needed. The Osprey Atmos AG 65 is a highly recommended bag for multi-day hiking trips.

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